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Go Be Productive – Comprehensive Review

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I’ve been working actively online in Internet marketing and SEO for more years than I care to mention. And over the years I’ve seen plenty of things change. I have seen the influx of eBooks, online tools, social media and more.

But as time has gone on, I’ve noticed that while there is all this “material” online, a lot of it really wonderful, a lot of it not worth the virtual paper it’s printed on, there has always been one thing absent.

With all of the great tools and information available to people making their way in this ever-updating and technological world, all these great gizmos and books meant to make our life easier is only making it more hectic.

Because now even though you have a fantastic new set of tools to work with (telephones, computer programs, email access everywhere), you have to learn how to use those tools and frequently the learning process itself is just more strain on top of the stress that you already have.

I don’t say this to make your life even more painful but I say this to point out that finally, FINALLY someone has come through to help make all of this topsy-turvyness come to a screeching halt.

Go Be Productive is one of those programs that puts the “composure” in an already stressed-out overactive life.

I was very wary when I started to go through the program because I have purchased plenty of books that were meant to help me handle my time more effectively and help me become more productive. And most of them said the same thing, keep a calendar, set goals, follow proven time-management skills.

Half the time I would end up reading and writing down the information only to realize that I had lost tons of “time” in the process. The same “time” that I was trying to preserve in the first place.

Now, I’m no one special. I am NOT an expert at time-management or effective procedures. Not only do I personally work for myself but take care of a very active preschooler as well. So my time is…at best…still for 5-minutes straight (if I’m lucky).

So I was very cynical to say the least. But…I was actually impressed with what I saw (and that’s not something I usually say).

“Saw” being the operative word since this course is not just a “book”, it is a 12-week video program. To see and hear working productivity tips instead of having to sit down and read an entire manual on the process was refreshing.

But he does also offer the weekly courses in downloadable MP3 formats as well as PDF formats so that you can print them out and follow along if you’d choose to learn that way.

So, all that being said, what I have written below is an heartfelt and sometimes raw review of Go Be Productive. By the time you’re done you should have a great feeling for yourself as to whether or not Go Be Productive is something that could help you in your life too.

Here we go.

The entire product is a 12-week online video training course that includes various videos but probably the most important are the 12 weekly videos with exercises for you to master.

But in addition to the 12-week program, there is also a Welcome video as well as 5 fast-start videos. All of which have their own exercises for you to begin working on.

The only downside I found to these is that Jeff can talk for a very long time and since my time is limited as it is, I found myself having to pause the videos and come back to them at a later time. Each video (aside from the quick start videos) runs about 30-60 minutes long so be ready to set aside some time when you can truly focus on the content that Jeff provides.

Plus his voice is so soothing I often found myself relaxing and unable to maintain concentration. But, there is no doubt to me that this is meaningful that the viewer (or listener as the case may be) be relaxed when soaking up his information.

Jeff has two membership types available for the program. Your basic membership and then a Platinum membership. The difference between the two is that the Platinum membership gives you a weekly personal phone call to help keep you on track as well as a bi-weekly platinum group call where only Platinum members get together and discuss their own issues.

I was probably most impressed with the honesty of it all. Jeff flat out tells you that some of the exercises might not be fun and this was refreshing to hear. We all know that not everything we do towards our success is fun and even though we’re aware of this in the back of our minds, we always seem stunned and get stuck at a point when we have to do something “not fun”.

You’ll find too that you will have to be viciously honest with yourself if you want to succeed. And during the exercises you might find yourself writing down things or thinking of things that make you feel awkward but personally this was a huge eye-opener for me and in writing down these items you feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

This might be a minor point to you but I’ve noticed a few of the worksheets that you can download will open in the same window so it interrupts the video itself and then you have to go back and find out where you were in the video.

Although this is a minor point and has nothing to do with the quality of the content, it can be a little bothersome.

Plus, some of the videos are a little louder than others and sometimes the environment in which he is speaking isn’t what you would expect from a “well-known” productivity manager. That being said however, it still didn’t deter me from the quality of the content.

Sometimes (and this is just my own individual opinion) I believe that flashy videos, music that “pumps you up” and fancy props are just ways to deter you from what might NOT be being said. Again, just my own personal opinion. I like to derive an opinion from the actual content, not how “flashy” something is.

The entire program runs for 3 full months and by the end of it, you will be more productive if you take to heart what he has to say. It can be a bit trying making it through all three months but like all things worth doing, it takes time.

All in all, in order to succeed with the program you’re going to have to invest some time (which at first read sounds ironic since that’s what the program teaches you to save). But if you take the time to listen and run through the exercises just as he instructs there’s no doubt in my mind that you will end up being more productive. The entire success of the program entirely depends upon the work that you’re willing to put into it.

All that being said, I’m going to offer you a deal. This product, while a killer product, does take a while to get through. So I’m going to add some other like-minded products that you can print out and read at your leisure to compliment the whole thing.

Here’s the deal.

Flat out, this is a product that I am promoting so you’ve got a few choices.

If you’re interested, you can:

1. Get the product from someone else or,
2. Get the product from me by clicking the link below and I’ll throw in a few bonuses to compliment it all.

(See bonuses at the bottom of the page)

All in all, I give the content of the program an 8 out of 10.

This is where you can take a peek at the sales page and get your own copy.

Click Here

After you order, just send me a copy of your receipt (the email address is below). I’ll verify that I was credited with the sale and if they have, I’ll send you your bonuses. Please understand, I only hand out bonuses after I can confirm the sale has been properly credited.

Just wanted to make this clear to you up front.

Again, to claim your bonuses:

Send an email to: slingbrain @
In the subject place: ** Go Be Productive Bonuses **
Send me a copy of your receipt. Once that’s verified, you’ll get a link to your products.

***** Unadvertised Bonus *****

If you visit this link -> Click Here <-and sign up on the special page (no purchase required) you can get ONE of the bonuses above.

Again, simply send a copy of the confirmation email you received to the email address above and tell me which ONE of the bonuses you’d like. Again, you get ONE of the books above just by signing up to win over $697 worth of Go Be Productive stuff. Just tell me which one you want.

To the Best of Successes,


1. How To Make Your Attitude Your Ally. How to Get Ahead, Take Full Advantage, and Enjoy Some of the Precious Things Life Has to Offer.

2. The Power of Positive Thinking. How to Handle Frustrating Moments and Turn Bad Predicaments Into a Productive Environment!

3. Innovative Thinking Secrets Exposed. Deriving New Inventions and Ideas from Innovative Thinking.

4. How to Adopt Creating Thinking. How to Spin Out-of-the-Box Ideas and Add Value to Your Organizational Skills.

5. The Art of Solving Problems. How to Be Mentally Prepared to Deal with Life’s Obstacles.

6. Customers are King. Maintaining Customer Relations and Why it is Important.

7. The Law of Attraction Quick Book. Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny.

8. Think & Grow Rich for Internet Entrepreneurs. Learn how to develope a winner’s mindset on the Internet Marketing platform and become successful in the fastest time possible!

9. Exhibit Dynamic Personality for Super Success. How to Bring About a Positive Change in Yourself To Ensure Success.

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The Age of Links Pointing to You. Do They Matter?

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The age of a domain name can be a factor in where you rank in the search engines. All things being equal that is. But what about the age of your links? Does how old a link is, that points to your site matter?

Whenever you get a brand new link from another site, it is my opinion that the link is in a “probation period” of sorts. The search engines will find that link and know that it’s a fresh link pointing to your site. But what they care about is whether or not that link has staying power. Purchasing links to your site in order to artificially inflate your sites importance has been identified on the list of “things you shouldn’t do” at least at Google.

Whenever someone purchases a link to their site, they’ll more often than not only do so for 30-days, maybe longer. So it’s my belief that the search engines take these new links with a grain of salt. If that link is still there 31-days later, 60-days later or even 200-days later signals to the search engines that it’s not an arranged link but rather one with that staying power.

Just like a domain name that gets better with time, so do links. If you haven’t already begun working on a linking campaign that will give you high-quality links, then you might want to get started. And remember, whatever you do, don’t purchase links in an effort to gain artificial importance.

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Does Domain Age Matter?

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While there are many factors that determine how well you rank in Google, there is one in particular that will give you an advantage over your competition and that’s the age of your domain.

All things being equal, how old your domain name is will generally put you at a higher advantage than your competitors.

The reason for this is that the age of a domain cannot be faked. That is, unlike links which can be gathered from everywhere online and even purchased (and which also have an age factor assigned to them), the age of a domain is not something that can be manipulated.

So how does someone establish credibility with the age of a domain if they’re just starting out and need a new domain name?

One way is to purchase an older domain. (The older the better). However, just because a domain has been established for some time does not mean that you should rush right out and get it. There are a few factors to take into account first.

1. Does the domain you’re considering have any current links pointing to it? How long have those links been pointing to the site? (The age of your links also plays a factor and we’ll talk about that in our next blog post).
2. Just because a domain name has been around and registered for a long time does not mean that it has been indexed for that same amount of time. It’s important that the domain you’re thinking about purchasing has been indexed in the search engines and established itself already.
3. If a domain has been indexed, you’ll next want to determine if that domain has been penalized in the search engines for any reason. One simple way to determine this is using the Wayback machine at (this will also help you determine how long pages have been indexed in the search engines as mentioned in #2 above). Enter in the domain name you’re considering and take a look at the different pages you receive.
Here’s an example. In a well-publicized event in early 2006, Google penalized the site If you visit*/ and click on the pages for this time frame, you’ll see that some pages are no longer available (as of the time that the Wayback machine viewed them) and that they didn’t show back up for months. This is in stark comparison to previous years when they were indexed nearly every day and at least once a month. If you happen to notice something like this for a website you’re considering, it’s best to move on to another domain name opportunity.

The bottom line is, if you want to get a head-start on your website efforts, you might want to consider looking into buying an existing domain especially if you don’t want to have to wait to establish credibility in the search engines. Just be sure that the domain you’re considering is, and always has been on the up-and-up.

Get more SEO Tips here.

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Google Analytics Training Now Available

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Google has released free training for Google Analytics. In the event you’re not familiar with the Google Analytics program (which is free by the way), it allows you to find out more information about your site visitors such as what keywords they used to find you, where they came from, how long they stayed on your site and more.

The Google Analytics program also allows you to track conversions and find out which of your web pages offer the highest returns.

There is a lot of information for the website owner on the Analytics website which can sometimes be intimidating. That’s why I’m glad they’ve finally offered training for each section of their site. These are short easy-to-understand videos and you can simply take it at your own stride.

To visit the free training for Google Analytics, visit

Get updated SEO Tips at the Bonehead SEO Blog.

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Is Someone Stealing Your Content? Try This…

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Content stealing or scraping has always been a problem online. And as the search engines get more aggressive in weeding out sites that offer relatively little content, the problem of content theft will only continue to grow.

While you can’t prevent this all together, there are some steps that you can take, especially when it comes to your blogs in order to make it more difficult for these scrapers to take your content, or at least if they do, be sure you’re getting a link back to your site.

One of the ways is to add one of a number of free plugins to your blog. One of these is the feed footer plugin.

This plugin adds an RSS footer to each blog post you make which contains not only a link back to this blog but which also links to the Bonehead SEO product itself. Whenever an automated scraper makes a visit, and copies any of the content on this blog (or on any other blog that uses this plugin), the footer will automatically be included. Now this doesn’t mean that the person stealing the content will not remove this information in order to post the content on their site, but it does add an extra step to the mix.

Get the Feed Footer plugin here:
Another one of these plugins is one called Ozh’ Better Feed. This plugin also allows you to add a footer to your RSS feeds. Get the Ozh’ Better Feed here:

The copyright plugin also adds information to your feeds but allows for a lot more options.

Get the copyright plugin here:
Lastly, there’s the AntiLeech plugin. This one is very unique to say the least. This plugin creates fake content for the scraper but still includes links back to your site. When your content is stolen, it provides the thief with useless content.

Get the AntiLeach plugin here:

So if you were ever concerned that your content was being out and out stolen on your site, or you have a fear that it might come to that in the future, just install a few of these plugins to get your protection started.

For more SEO tips & advice visit

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