Is Someone Stealing Your Content? Try This…

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Content stealing or scraping has always been a problem online. And as the search engines get more aggressive in weeding out sites that offer relatively little content, the problem of content theft will only continue to grow.

While you can’t prevent this all together, there are some steps that you can take, especially when it comes to your blogs in order to make it more difficult for these scrapers to take your content, or at least if they do, be sure you’re getting a link back to your site.

One of the ways is to add one of a number of free plugins to your blog. One of these is the feed footer plugin.

This plugin adds an RSS footer to each blog post you make which contains not only a link back to this blog but which also links to the Bonehead SEO product itself. Whenever an automated scraper makes a visit, and copies any of the content on this blog (or on any other blog that uses this plugin), the footer will automatically be included. Now this doesn’t mean that the person stealing the content will not remove this information in order to post the content on their site, but it does add an extra step to the mix.

Get the Feed Footer plugin here:
Another one of these plugins is one called Ozh’ Better Feed. This plugin also allows you to add a footer to your RSS feeds. Get the Ozh’ Better Feed here:

The copyright plugin also adds information to your feeds but allows for a lot more options.

Get the copyright plugin here:
Lastly, there’s the AntiLeech plugin. This one is very unique to say the least. This plugin creates fake content for the scraper but still includes links back to your site. When your content is stolen, it provides the thief with useless content.

Get the AntiLeach plugin here:

So if you were ever concerned that your content was being out and out stolen on your site, or you have a fear that it might come to that in the future, just install a few of these plugins to get your protection started.

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