Does Domain Age Matter?

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While there are many factors that determine how well you rank in Google, there is one in particular that will give you an advantage over your competition and that’s the age of your domain.

All things being equal, how old your domain name is will generally put you at a higher advantage than your competitors.

The reason for this is that the age of a domain cannot be faked. That is, unlike links which can be gathered from everywhere online and even purchased (and which also have an age factor assigned to them), the age of a domain is not something that can be manipulated.

So how does someone establish credibility with the age of a domain if they’re just starting out and need a new domain name?

One way is to purchase an older domain. (The older the better). However, just because a domain has been established for some time does not mean that you should rush right out and get it. There are a few factors to take into account first.

1. Does the domain you’re considering have any current links pointing to it? How long have those links been pointing to the site? (The age of your links also plays a factor and we’ll talk about that in our next blog post).
2. Just because a domain name has been around and registered for a long time does not mean that it has been indexed for that same amount of time. It’s important that the domain you’re thinking about purchasing has been indexed in the search engines and established itself already.
3. If a domain has been indexed, you’ll next want to determine if that domain has been penalized in the search engines for any reason. One simple way to determine this is using the Wayback machine at (this will also help you determine how long pages have been indexed in the search engines as mentioned in #2 above). Enter in the domain name you’re considering and take a look at the different pages you receive.
Here’s an example. In a well-publicized event in early 2006, Google penalized the site If you visit*/ and click on the pages for this time frame, you’ll see that some pages are no longer available (as of the time that the Wayback machine viewed them) and that they didn’t show back up for months. This is in stark comparison to previous years when they were indexed nearly every day and at least once a month. If you happen to notice something like this for a website you’re considering, it’s best to move on to another domain name opportunity.

The bottom line is, if you want to get a head-start on your website efforts, you might want to consider looking into buying an existing domain especially if you don’t want to have to wait to establish credibility in the search engines. Just be sure that the domain you’re considering is, and always has been on the up-and-up.

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