The Age of Links Pointing to You. Do They Matter?

Posted on March 13, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

The age of a domain name can be a factor in where you rank in the search engines. All things being equal that is. But what about the age of your links? Does how old a link is, that points to your site matter?

Whenever you get a brand new link from another site, it is my opinion that the link is in a “probation period” of sorts. The search engines will find that link and know that it’s a fresh link pointing to your site. But what they care about is whether or not that link has staying power. Purchasing links to your site in order to artificially inflate your sites importance has been identified on the list of “things you shouldn’t do” at least at Google.

Whenever someone purchases a link to their site, they’ll more often than not only do so for 30-days, maybe longer. So it’s my belief that the search engines take these new links with a grain of salt. If that link is still there 31-days later, 60-days later or even 200-days later signals to the search engines that it’s not an arranged link but rather one with that staying power.

Just like a domain name that gets better with time, so do links. If you haven’t already begun working on a linking campaign that will give you high-quality links, then you might want to get started. And remember, whatever you do, don’t purchase links in an effort to gain artificial importance.


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