Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing

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Niche marketing is probably one of the least understood areas surrounding the creation of a successful business online.  You’ll find that many people who do chose to have online businesses, tend to focus on large, broad markets not understanding that the money is truly in smaller, niche markets.

In essence, what a “niche” is, is nothing more than a small sub-section of a larger market.

Take the example of “dog training”.  Dog Training is a large market that currently has over 23,000,000 web pages competing for the term.  However, when you’re looking at a niche market you want to narrow this down to a market that is less competitive yet more responsive.

In our example of “dog training” there are multiple niches you could consider.  Here are just a few:

  • dog training collars
  • in home dog training
  • dog agility training
  • dog training tips
  • service dog training
  • career in dog training
  • dog training supplies
  • dog obedience training

All of these focus on one specific area of the overall larger market of “dog training” and each one has a variety of factors that make each of these markets more lucrative than the overall generic term itself.

Here’s why.  Whenever someone does a search in Google for example, on dog training, you really have no idea as the website owner exactly what kinds of dog training the web searcher was looking for.

However, when you focus on a niche, the web searcher essentially tells you exactly what it is they’re trying to find as in the examples above.

The person searching on “dog training collars” wants collars that will help dog train.  The person searching on “career in dog training” is looking for information on starting this kind of career.

Essentially, niche markets are far more lucrative because the web searcher tells you exactly what it is that they’re looking for and you can then create your website around that specific need by making use of keywords and SEO (search engine optimization).

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