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Yes, I know that this is nothing related to SEO, but, in the spirit of Halloween that is this weekend, I just thought I’d take this Friday to give you a set of fun links that you might enjoy – all related to Halloween.

So have a great Friday and enjoy!

  1. 130 Pumpkin Carving Inspirations – This site has all kinds of inspirational photos of pumpkin carvings. Everything from Star Wars characters to those that will inspire the geek in us.
  2. Extreme Pumpkin Carving – Lots of really great ideas for not only pumpkin carving but displaying those pumpkins in very unique ways.
  3. Carve your pumpkin online – An online flash application that lets you “carve” your pumpkin online.
  4. Canned Halloween Monstrosities – Using a few items around the house, make your own specimen’s to display in jars.
  5. Scary Stories – a list of different scary stories you can use to scare your friends.
  6. On that same note, here’s how to tell a Scary Story.
  7. Create creepy paper toys – complete with printables!
  8. Christopher Walken Mask – Visit the site, print, and cut it out.
  9. Halloween Recipes – Bloody popcorn, Vampire punch, Tombstone cakes and more.
  10. Free Halloween Music – Dave has created a ton of free downloadable Halloween music.
  11. Scary Radio Shows that are free to download – “Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanitarium”, “The Skull of Battiscomb”, “Two Heads are Better” and lots more.
  12. The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends that Happen to be True
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How to Get Into Google

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Whenever someone creates a brand new website, one of the most asked questions about that website are “How do I get into Google?” And you’ll be happy to know that the process is actually very easy and simple to do. Not to mention there are a few ways you can go about it.
One way is to have another website already listed in Google link to you. This can be done in a variety of ways.

1. If you happen to visit a forum regularly, or you’d like to start contributing to a well-known forum, be sure you add your new website address into your signature. Forums, especially those that are very active, tend to get indexed by Google quite often. Once they find your link, they’ll follow it to your site.

2. Write articles on the same topic as your own website and then submit that to online article directories such as EzineArticles or GoArticles. These too tend to get visited by Google on a frequent basis. Oftentimes, multiple times a day.

3. Find blogs that talk about the topic of your website and leave comments (real comments not something that could be construed as spam) on that blog. Usually when you go to post at someone’s blog, they’ll require you to fill in your name, email address and website URL prior to posting and if it’s a blog that’s visited often, this too can get you indexed into Google quite quickly. Just be sure that the blog you’re leaving comments on is a “do follow” blog. That is, the blog owner actually allows search engines like Google to follow the link to its destination which in this case, is your website.

Another way to get your site indexed by Google is to submit a sitemap to them. A sitemap is an XML based file that contains all of the links to various pages on your website. Although a sitemap file and XML format might sound a bit complex and intimidating, it’s actually very easy to create one for yourself.

There are plenty of free services online that will create a sitemap file for you. Just simply visit your favorite search engine and search on “create free sitemap file”. Once a file has been createdyou’re your website, add that file to Google’s webmaster tools. Again, by doing a simple search in Google for “Google Webmaster Tools”, you’ll be able to locate this easily.
Once Google has been notified that you have submitted a sitemap file to them, they’ll usually crawl that sitemap file within 24 hours.
While Google doesn’t always guarantee that they’ll crawl your sitemap, you’ll generally find that they do so within 24 hours of you submitting the sitemap to them.

Lastly, don’t waste your time submitting your website through a search engines typical website submission form. This is generally just a waste of your resources and can often take weeks to get your site included into a search engines search results. As a new website owner, you want to get your site into Google quickly and as painlessly as possible and these ways will definitely move you in the right direction.

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