6 Tips on Article Writing

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Not many people look forward to writing articles. As a matter of fact, some find it downright unpleasant to even think about putting words to paper.

But the bottom line is, if you’re looking to get seen in the search engines, you’ll have to write content at some point in time, whether that be for your blog, for your website, for a newsletter and for article directories.

Here are a few tips on article writing that may help you tackle that initial fear and get you up and moving.

1. Use a title that will make the reader want to find out more. Titles that being with a curiosity factor will make the reader want to find out more. So use words such as “how”, “which”, “these” and “what”.

2. Use numbers where possible. When you incorporate the above words with a number, this will help to increase that curiosity. For example, “These 7 Tips Will Get Your Articles Read in Nothing Flat.”

3. Keep the paragraphs short and to the point. No one wants to read a novel especially if they’re skimming through an article. So keep the paragraphs short enough to cover the point you want to make.

4. Separate related paragraphs with sub-headings that stand out and draw the readers eye.

5. When you can, and when it makes sense to do so, use a list. You can use numbers like I did here or just bullet points. People often find reading lists much easier than they do paragraphs of information.

6. Make it interesting! So many articles today are bland and boring giving “just the facts”. Spice it up with words that convey emotion like “disgusted”, “amused”, “powerful”, and more.

Above all, take a look at what the popular articles are that are currently being published right now. Many article directories have an area where you can see which articles on your topic are being read and published and then take a look and see what it is that makes them so interesting.

After all, when you’re looking to SEO your site, one of the things you need are incoming links. Help make that a bigger possibility for you by using the tips on article writing listed above.

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